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Three Tips For Every Graphic Designer

Three Tips For Every Graphic Designer

In this industry, every word published and every image made, gets thrown in a bundle of hundreds of others. It is our job to make our designs stand out more, even if it is just for the first 10 seconds.  

Designing something that needs to make an impact, takes a lot of effort and time. Here are three tips on where to start and what to smooth over before starting any job, or completing a project.

  1. Know your client: Every customer has their own expectations and you won’t understand what they are unless they're spelled out. Ask the right questions. You should find out more about the customer you are doing work for. What have they done recently? Get samples of their current printed material, visit their site, and go see their office. What are the values of the organisation? These are extremely vital inquiries to answer in order to know your customer better. Set up a checklist that you want your customer to fill out before starting any artwork.
  2. Define your audience: Who are you speaking to and what is the objective? Graphic design is simply a plan that visually expresses a message. Communicate with purpose - don’t just make eye candy. Be sure of what you want to say and what your client wants to say.
  3. Sweat the details: You are a professional communicator, act like one. Carefully edit everything you publish. Most potential employers and clients don’t appreciate text shorthand, so don’t use it.

There are many more tips and tricks to keep in mind, but if you are struggling to find a starting point of any project, these tips would help. As a designer you often get overwhelmed about rules and regulations to keep in mind while you create designs. Try to colour outside of the lines and see where it takes you.