The Use Of Video Advertising On Social Media

The Use Of Video Advertising On Social Media

The new future of video advertising is social media, it allows you to drive user engagement and increase brand awareness. This is where a big part of your target market lies these days: on mobile and social media.  

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is taking over advertising, especially video advertising. Each social channel has their own unique video ad capabilities, so it’s no surprise that brands are in on the social video trend. Today’s consumers are highly visual and influenced by engaging content on social media. These users expect advertising to be brief, targeted and convenient, they scroll past ads that fail to capture their attention. By incorporating specific call-to-actions (CTA) with your video ad, you can increase engagement. By including a simple CTA, prompting viewers to like, share or ‘call now’, brands can easily create an ongoing relationship with consumers.

Social media networks offer a unique platform to deliver video content that goes beyond promotional advertising. Sponsored videos within social networks often look very similar to organic content and are equipped with additional features that allow users to share, like and discuss.

Different social platforms attract different audiences, so brands are wise to be on the right ones depending on their audience. On social media you can’t have a ‘one and done’ strategy but need to build a momentum of consistent video ads to keep an engaged audience. Video advertising creates a more stimulating environment for consumers by meeting their expectations for content and this allows them to connect more to your company.

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