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The importance of good web design

The importance of good web design

First impressions have a significant impact on our initial judgement of something or someone, especially in the first couple of seconds; which is why the visual aesthetic quality of your website is extremely important.

When it comes to conveying information, sometimes pictures work better than words. It often helps to see how something looks or works, rather than have it explained in text. Having high quality design work on your website has a powerful impact on your potential customer’s mind rendering their view toward your brand credible and competent. If your imagery looks somewhat shabby and unprofessional the people visiting your website are going to instantaneously switch off.

In order for design work to be effective it needs to accurately convey a powerful and relevant message that effortlessly tells the story of your business. Certain factors like colours and consistency, photographs and above all: simplicity - each contribute toward a well-designed and engaging website.

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