Need Help With A Social Media Strategy?

Need Help With A Social Media Strategy?

In today’s society with a collection of social media platforms available, it’s easy to get confused with which ones are right for your business, or even where to start. So keep on reading and we’ll get you through this.

Social media networks are seen as one of the best platforms to promote your business because, with over 2.7 billion users worldwide, there is no doubt that you will reach your target market. To avoid disappointment, you need to start with a social media marketing plan to ensure that all your marketing efforts align with your overall business objectives.

Now you may ask, what is a social media marketing plan? This should include your current social media accounts, how you rate against your competition, future goals you would like to reach and the steps and tools you’ll need to reach them. Now let’s take it step by step.

Step 1 - Social Media Objectives And Goals.

Having clear objectives and goals will help keep you on the right track to success. This will also help you determine if your campaign has a positive outlook for your business.

Have a look at some SMART Objectives. Make your goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. It speaks for itself. Follow those easy steps, and you’ll be able to overcome anything social media throws at you.

Step 2 - The Social Media Audit.

Compare your social media status against your competitors’. Research who’s connected to your business through social media and on which platforms the most engagement comes from. Take time to see what content is speaking the most to your audience, even if it is negative. That is where you learn the most.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when starting your social media audit:

  • List your social media profiles and platforms.

  • Make sure all your social media pages are on brand and includes your marketing plan.

  • Organise ownerships of passwords.

  • Record your follower count and posting frequency.

  • Keep track of your posts and their performances.

Step 3 - Create or Optimise Your Social Media Profiles.

It is time to improve your social media presence. Decide on a social media platform and invest in the platform that your target audience is engaging with. This is one of the most important steps, because this is where you apply everything that you’ve learnt in the previous steps.

Step 4 - Inspiration.

Unsure of what to post next? Look at your competitors and industry leaders. Observe their social media platforms and techniques they're using. Research companies that you idolize and see what techniques they’re using.

Be different to others. You don’t want to fade into the crowd.

Step 5 - Develop A Content Plan Or Calendar.

Time to put some pen to paper. Posting and sharing relevant content on a regular basis is the most important aspect to ensure success in social media. Your content marketing plan will help to:

  • Know what types of content you need to post and how often.

  • Identify techniques to use for content promotion.

  • Determine the target audience.

Step 6 - Track, Evaluate, And Improve Your Social Media Marketing Plan.

Constant monitoring and measuring are just as important as having the right engagement in social media. By keeping track you’ll be able to identify what’s working well and adjust your social media marketing plan accordingly.

Remember that your viewers’ insights are valuable in making your social media profile a success. Make your viewers engage more and ask for feedback or reviews.  

Recap. Establish your goals first, keep it simple but yet engaging. Be flexible and keep tracking everything you post on social media. Give the audience what they want and make them your priority.

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