How to make the most of your email marketing campaign

How to make the most of your email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a great way to engage with your customers on a personal level. Here are some tips and tricks to succeed with your email marketing in 2020.

Grab your audience's attention, and keep them interested

Use smart headlines, visually appealing and eye-catching images and straight forward messages. Humour is always great to fall back on, it is bound to catch someone’s attention when scrolling through their emails. Email subject lines are the deal-breakers, that is where you catch your customers attention, short and descriptive subject lines are best. Use words that suggest urgency or ask a question, customise your subject line to your specific readers.

State a clear call to action and ensure professionality

Your users need to be led and told what to do if they are not sure, they will leave. Your email should always have a clear purpose, whether it be getting likes on Facebook or launching a new product. An email with bad grammar and spelling mistakes is a no-go, properly plan your content and proof-read multiple times before sending.

Limit the amount of emails you send

To be honest, you don’t want people to get annoyed and unsubscribe or your mail ending up in their junk or spam folder. People have signed up to your newsletter because they are interested in your brand and want to stay up to date, but spamming people will not give you a good result, neither will sending out an email once in a while, because people will forget about your brand. 

Your emails need to be mobile-friendly

More people are using the web than ever, and with our mobile devices being in our hand 24/7 mobile optimization is key. This hugely influences the way text and images are used. People are not going to read a lengthy paragraph and big images might slow loading time. 

Build a community


People are not using the internet anymore to access quick information, they interact with other people, and create a world that is almost as real as their offline life. Let your users in by sharing personal updates, a sneak peek, etc. This will make them feel as if they have a personal connection with you.