How to create a successful Ad campaign

How to create a successful Ad campaign

Advertising in today’s market is a challenge. Everywhere you look there’s some new campaign that pushes the boundaries of advertising. Whether its clever, funny, or controversial, these ads stay with you and get you talking. This is exactly what makes a successful advertising campaign. Here are 4 key steps in creating a successful ad campaign: 

Have a strong strategy:

Before you start designing any visual material you need to have a solid strategy. Research is key. You need to understand what you are trying to sell before you start selling it. Research your target market and why they would want to buy your product over your competitor’s product.

Define your approach: 

Once you have identified the strategy for your campaign, you need to determine what your approach is going to be. You need to decide if you are going to sell a feature, category, or benefit of the product. You can also choose to sell the image, lifestyle, or attitude of the brand.

Choosing a headline:

A headline should emphasise one idea. The headline should also compliment the imagery and vice-versa, but never show the same thing. For example, you wouldn’t have an ad about cat food and then have the headline describe that it’s cat food, we already know that. A good headline could be a sentence or even one word that undersells the product. The headline works with the visual imagery to catch your viewer’s interest.

Body Copy:

The body copy of an ad is very important. You need to consider the voice, tone and style of the copy. The headline and body copy need to have the same style. The particular style and even choice of words and details can come straight from all the research you did in the beginning stages.


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