8 Easy Ways To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Content

8 Easy Ways To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Content

Is your content marketing strategy generating the results that it should? Far too many of us neglect analytics and the insights we need to improve our results.  Here are some key points to measure effectiveness easily and with basic tools:

  • Website traffic

  • Subscriber growth

  • Time on site

  • Social media followers

  • Social media shares

  • Click-through rate (CTR)

  • Leads

  • Feedback

Website Traffic

You can measure website traffic on a regular basis with Google Analytics. You can filter by various metrics including date range, source, language, and location.

Subscriber Growth

Monitor the growth for your email subscriber list, then focus on accelerating its growth. A nice tool is this simple formula for measuring list growth rate: New Subscribers less Lost Subscribers divided by Total List Size.

Time On Site

You can use Google Analytics to examine how individual pages perform based on average time on page. You’ll need to consider what content is on the page. Each type and category of content will have a different average amount of time spent by users.

Social Media Followers

The best way to analyse if your content is good enough is to check if your follower count is rising on your social channels. There are a few social media management and monitoring tools that can help you collect and analyse social media follower data easily and more efficiently.

Social Media Shares

Another method to look at is if your social media shares are climbing. Consider tracking overall social shares, shares by channel, the shares each piece of content earns and website traffic generated per channel.

Click-through rate (CTR)

You can measure your CTR for SEO, social and email marketing.


First, you need to determine what is type of leads you are looking for (event registrations, free trial sign-ups, coupon downloads, product enquiries etc.), then you can start measuring them


Gathering and synthesizing feedback is part of the process of improving the quality of your content and optimizing its effectiveness. Feedback can include social media updates and shares, direct messages, blog comments, emails, phone calls, contact form submissions, reviews, and more. Negative feedback can also be good feedback if it allows you to address the issue at hand.

There are many ways of measuring the effectiveness of your content. The best method is to actually sit down and work through your content and see on which you got more views, likes or shares.

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