5 Steps to Generate Leads Via Your Website

5 Steps to Generate Leads Via Your Website

Now you may think, just keep sharing the link on Facebook, people will start to click on it eventually. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. You need to develop a strategy that gives people a reason to click on your links and browse through your website. A sales funnel is the foundation for your marketing strategy, whether you are an e-commerce store or a B2B (Business To Business) company. These steps will help you gain more customers via your website.

Step 1: Research Your Audience

How are you going to advertise to your consumers if you don’t know who they are? We can’t keep telling ourselves that we cater for everyone, so everyone is our clients. For your sales funnel to be effective you need to understand your audience. You need to determine the following:

  • What are their pain points? Problems that need solutions.

  • What are their interests and expectations?

  • Where are they on social media?

  • What annoys them about shopping online or paying for a service online?

By understanding your audience better, this will help you determine how to position your brand/product uniquely, where to find your audience and how to address their pain points effectively. This is one of the most important steps, even though it will feel like you’re only doing research and not getting anywhere, by understanding your target audience’s needs, you will open up a whole new playing field.

Step 2: Create Buyer Personalities

We need to keep in mind that not every customer is the same, their motivations to purchase something differs from time to time. Create different buyer personalities that you will come across. Do this based on why they want to buy a product, how are they going to use the product and what motivates them to buy it? This is key to any product that you would like to sell or service you want to offer.

Step 3: Traffic Strategy

First off, people need to be aware of your product or service before they can buy it. You need to drive traffic to your site to stir the interest of your visitors. Your strategy may include:

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Guest Posting

  • PPC Campaigns (pay-per-click)

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for better visibility

  • Landing page optimization to generate more leads

Any of these points will help drive consumers to your website.

Step Four: Engaging Your Audience

Once you have their attention, you need to engage with them. You need to educate them about how your product or service can benefit them so that they develop an interest. Your strategy should include:

  • Creating relevant, engaging, and useful blog posts

  • Creating engaging and informative videos

  • Promoting your posts on social media

  • Having influencers create tutorials and reviews about your product

  • Promoting your latest blog posts and newsletters by email

Step Five: Final Step

Buying a product online is not new to us anymore, but there are still a few people that don’t like the experience just because of how the process flows on the website. Is it easy to complete purchases on your website? If not, try a few other methods. Reduce your form fields, minimize the number of steps required to complete purchases and provide one-click sign-in and sign-up options. Anything that will make the process easier, will drive more and more customers.

Get back to basics. Research your target markets, you will find that you have a broader playing field than you thought. Maybe this even inspires you to create a new product or coming up with some new online methods. Remember the four stages of a typical sales funnel? Awareness, interest, decision, and action. Apply these stages to all your steps and you can’t go wrong.